The facilitator of The Unity Group will begin a trip around the country to visit every town and area to educate the people on the divisive nature of politics and explain why a non-political system is the best system for all South Africans. He will also talk about what each community and individual can do to bring about a more unified country. The vision is to get every community working more closely together so as to create harmony and “saamewerking”. The time is long overdue for all South Africans to unite and work towards a harmonious joining of hands and sharing of visions to bring about the changes needed to heal and grow our incredible country. That time is now.

Michael Southwood has developed good relationships with leaders in industry and communities and continues to welcome the opportunity to interact and graft more skilled people into the vision. 

The Unity Group has launched a number of initiatives to create awareness of who they are. These include a magazine, a website, a business accreditation service, a mobile application, Telegram groups for every industry in the country and Residential Telegram groups for many towns and suburbs in the country. We have over 100 000 members on our twenty + Facebook groups. It was closer to 300k until Facebook took our largest group down with 150K members. We have been hard at work since March 2020. We have been on duty every day without any decent breaks, talking to people, building systems and putting plans in place, with one central objective in mind. The total and complete freedom of every citizen of this country from the corrupt and suppressive political structure that continues to squeeze the life out of us.

The actions we intend taking once we have removed these political structures are:

  1. We will remove income tax and only levy tax on goods and services. Reduce taxation greatly on fuel.
  2. Compete globally for manufacturing and assembly, while building this sector of our economy ourselves. International companies will be forced to either manufacture or assemble here.
  3. Incentives and training for unskilled workers to find employment and the creation of country wide skills learning centres.
  4. A tougher approach to crime and illegal immigrants with jobs for South Africans first.
  5. BBEEE to be replaced with a shared ownership scheme, where workers are incentivised to perform.
  6. Investment in agriculture and sustainable farming methods, while giving both established and small-scale farming assistance.
  7. Renewable energy to receive huge investment and less dependency on fossil fuels.
  8. Corruption at all levels to be addressed in court with all those who benefitted from the corrupt governance to be brought to justice and stripped of illegal gains.
  9. The dissolving of parliament and all government positions while maintaining municipalities but removing corrupt officials and bringing them to justice.
  10. Medics and teachers to receive international rates of pay.
  11. Increase the police force with better wages and a harder line on police corruption.
  12. Creating a safe haven for South Africans who have left the country, to return to.
  13. Massive investment in building the country: new dams, canals, the railway and manufacturing facilities.
  14. Assisting informal settlers to move back into rural areas by creating jobs through decentralising manufacture and building large-scale agricultural initiatives.

  15. Small businesses to be rescued and invested in heavily.
  16. Ridding ourselves of debt while returning to the gold standard.
  17. A bottom-up structure where the people make the decisions and the leaders action them. A need is identified by the leaders and voted on by the people.
  18. Moving away from Roman Dutch law and integrating a system of common law.
  19. The Identity system that classifies people as property who are owned by the state will be dissolved and all people to become free citizens who live within a structure of reasonable law as decided by the people.
  20. No Citizen will be manipulated or abused at the expense of the country, the people come first and profitability second.
  21. Freedom of all religions and belief systems. Freedom of gender identification.   No freedom to take life, be it an embryo or an adult, if it has a heart beat it’s alive.
  22. The tender system to be revised, with a reasonable quotation system and all costings to be on a reasonable profit basis in line with the industry norms.
  23. Minimum wage and unions to be reviewed and in some cases replaced.
  24. The country to be managed as a profitable entity.
  25. All state owned entities to be privatised.
  26. Imports to be greatly curbed, especially from China.
  27. The creation of healthy competition and monopolies to be governed.
  28. We will create a massive community based micro school system that will immediately create thousands of jobs. This system will teach Grades R to 12, Technical skills, Business skills and Agricultural skills in different schools for each discipline.
  29. Creating jobs by building infrastructure and manufacturing and getting more money moving within the country and the system.
  30. Ensuring that everyone finally comes off state benefits by putting every person into gainful employment.


We will stand together as a powerful and unified force to restructure this country by removing the rot that continues to destroy it, either by referendum or any other means necessary.and run it correctly, not by abusing or taking advantage of any of our people, but by respecting one another. Together we will make our nation great and an example to the rest of the world