Uniting all South Africans through economic governance, where politics and political parties no longer exist. The country is run along democratic lines with it’s current constitution but without the divisive element of politics. The country will have a similar structure to that of a business, with the primary difference being that the people will be put above profitability or corporate greed.

The country will be led by a Chief Executive Officer instead of a president who will answer to a board of directors, who all in turn answer to the people. No decision is made without the people being given an opportunity to vote on it. This will be a bottom up structure with the leaders presenting the people with decisions that need to be made, and the people voting in favour or not.

The country is run along business lines and the focus of the leaders is profitability, if they are shown to be incompetent or waste money, they are replaced. 

The public are able to vote on a finger print recognition app on all decisions being taken. The public become shareholders in the enterprise and can earn dividends for their investment in it. These shares will be awarded by the board as well as employers. A company bond system will be in place that will give good returns as well as dividends.

All previous state-owned enterprises to be privatised, but will receive assistance from the board until they are profitable, this assistance will be in the form of interest earning loans.

We will launch huge construction projects like dams, canals and factories to get money circulating within the system. Personal taxation will disappear, taxes to be only levied on goods and services. Banking, financial institutions and cellular networks will be governed with an end to bank charges and ludicrous cellular rates.

Education, medical and basic legal support will be free. Housing and some basic food items will be regulated. The tender system will be dissolved and replaced with a more equitable system. Educating our larger population to the highest levels possible for free will be our focus. Teachers, professors and medics will be paid wages in line with international rates of pay.

We will invest heavily in agriculture and renewable power sources. Areas of the country that are dry will be used for solar and hydroponic projects. Community farming schemes will be encouraged and supported and small business will receive financial support to build and grow.

A lot of manufacturing and assembly will be moved to rural areas, as will a number of larger businesses so as to spread the population out of the cities and create work within the rural areas.

Jobs and industry will be created to get more people working, who in turn, buy goods and perpetuate the cycle. When money is used to pay for houses, it’s gone, but when it’s used to create industry and jobs, it keeps working forever, and the people build their own houses.

We are building the foundation that will be the governance structure for this country and all South Africans will need to register on it. 

We do not want to sell our country out to a foreign power, so we need to finance this ourselves. There is a lot that needs to be done and it all needs money. This includes developing our position and physically going into townships and rural areas as well as the rest of the country to get everyone behind us. If you are able, please consider supporting this change financially using the back a buddy link below.


By joining us you agree to act in unity with all members of the group and that you will do what you can when called upon to do something to heal and change this country. We invite you to share your special skills and abilities with us so that we can network you in for the sake of prosperity and unity.