the decision


Politics is the single most divisive element on earth. Politics was created to “divide and conquer” and to keep the people at each others throats, and by doing so weakens and controls them. The whole idea of having multiple political parties is a strategy to create division, disharmony and discontent for the purpose of controlling and dictating to that countries population. A political government creates disharmony, besides everything else, in that every four years one has to go through the process of voting and disagreeing with your neighbour, this process further weakens the resolve and unifying factors in that country. It is this evil political system that The Unity Group intends to replace with a much more equitable and open system where every citizen plays a part in this countries governance without having to battle each other over the wrangling of political players.

The decision we have taken as The Unity Group is to educate and empower all of our people to stand up against the political system that has been forced upon us and of which we know no different as we were born into it, and it is all we know. That however does not mean it’s correct, it simply means that we do not know any different, and we are here to help you to understand that there is a very different option. An option where everyone is free and is in control of what happens in the country and has a say over the decisions that the employed leaders make. This system of economic governance is the most fair, open and honest system on the planet, and our intention is to help everyone to see this, and to move everyone across onto the best system of governance.

We hereby decide the following:

  • To never again allow our country to be held hostage by corrupt politicians.
  • To ensure that we are all treated fairly and that the abuse of manpower ends.
  • That all people are paid wages dependant on education, time and ability.
  • We will no longer enrich the few by paying a pittance to the majority.
  • A fair trade system, with all of our people benefitting.
  • The protection of our land, resources and natural environment.
  • Focus on sustainability and renewable resources.
  • Building our nation into the great country it always had the potential to be.
  • To completely eradicate all political systems.
  • To ensure that all people are truly free to flourish and prosper.
  • To educate our children using the very best non propaganda methods.
  • To ensure that all people have access to good water and healthy food.
  • To empower one another to become the very best versions of ourselves.
  • To eliminate hatred, racism and fear by creating a land of hope and opportunity.
  • All people will be equal before the law.
  • The people will govern their own country.