the decision


  • To never again allow our country to be held hostage by corrupt politicians.
  • To ensure that we are all treated fairly and that the abuse of man-power ends.
  • That all people are paid wages dependant on education, time and ability.
  • We will no longer enrich the few by paying a pittance to the majority.
  • A fair trade system, with all of our people benefitting.
  • The protection of our land and natural environment.
  • Focus on sustainability and renewable resources.
  • Building our nation into the great country it always had the potential to be.
  • To completely eradicate all political systems.
  • To ensure that all people are truly free without restrictions or controls.
  • To educate our children using the very best non propaganda methods.
  • To ensure that all people have access to good water and healthy food.
  • To empower one another to become the very best versions of ourselves.
  • To eliminate hatred, racism and fear by creating a land of hope and opportunity.
  • All people will be equal before the law.
  • The people will govern their own country.