the problem


African people want to feel secure in an environment where they can work and look after their families. They don’t want to spend their lives fighting over who should rule over them. A place of security for all of our people is needed. The majority of our people have been forced into dependency. This government has robbed them of  their pride and dignity by giving them free houses and services and an expectation of more handouts. A man’s pride is in working to provide for himself and his family. Paying for his own home is the most basic of these needs. When that is taken away, he is stripped of his pride and honour. 

A government unable to solve unemployment or create jobs will give tax money to the unemployed as grants to keep them enslaved to their propaganda. The government are wasting tax money by paying themselves ridiculous salaries and bonuses with obscene expense accounts. They are over-staffing positions and giving jobs to friends. 

BBEEE has completely destroyed the economic backbone of this country and the tender system is being used to enrich friends and drain the country’s resources. No money is being put into building the country economically or in any other way. The building or maintenance of infrastructure is ignored. Productive farms and agricultural schemes that have been bought or taken over for BBEEE purposes have been totally destroyed and are no longer in use, productive or profitable.

The small business sector, which is the building block and backbone of our economy, is being destroyed by over-taxation, BBEEE and lack of support from government.

There is no plan for job creation. The manufacturing industry has all but closed down because of cheap Chinese imports and an unhealthy relationship with China who only want to drain this countries resources.

Fishing, mining, forestry and manufacture are virtually owned by China. In the next five to ten years we will be dependant on them if we don’t curb this takeover.

There is no investment in industry. Nothing being invested in manufacturing or building the country. No new water, power or agricultural schemes are being initiated. This government is playing a defensive game instead of an offensive one. You can’t become profitable by eating up your resources, you have to invest and re-invest in them constantly while marketing and growing them. If you eat your seed you will have no crop to harvest. This is their strategy, and ours is to end it.