The Unity Group Business accreditation.

Business accreditation is offered to all businesses who would like to be associated with The Unity Group’s accountability structure. This accreditation is offered to everyone, but will be limited to a select number of businesses of a type in any given area. Membership is extended to these entities with the understanding that they agree to conduct their business dealings in an ethical and open manner, putting honesty and integrity above everything else. Failure to do this will result in membership being withdrawn.

We realise that to do business in South Africa is not easy because of the amount of competition that exists for services and products. A greater problem is people who provide these services, who are either unqualified or unable to render to the public what is required at an acceptable level of excellence.

Many providers do bad work, and there is no accountability for their actions and no recourse for the client that has been taken advantage of, giving particular industries a bad name instead of specific individuals or businesses.

Individuals and businesses wanting to do business or have services rendered to themselves need to feel confident when conducting any of these transactions. Without an accountability structure, that confidence and trust is lacking. When one sees that there are businesses in association who are accredited and accountable, confidence is built for them and it encourages them to support such a business knowing that within that accountability is recourse if something should go wrong. For this reason The Unity Group has launched an accreditation platform to provide accountability for businesses and specific industries while at the same time making it safer for the public to support those businesses knowing that if something goes wrong with the transaction, there is a governing body that they can approach to have the situation rectified.

We are building a network of businesses that we will recommend and promote on our mobile application as well as our various channels. These will become Unity service and product providers. These businesses will stand out above the rest of the businesses that offer a similar product or service, ensuring more business for those associated companies.

What do we offer?

1.    Accountability and recourse for your clients

2.    A limited number of companies in your industry

3.    A paid for mediation service if required

4.    Preferential legal fees if needed.

5.    Security with being part of a governing body.

6.    A much larger client base

7.    Certification as an Accredited Unity provider

8.    The use of our corporate image to promote your business

9.    Unity branding on all documents, business info and websites etc

10. Ongoing support and resources.

11. Free listing on our app.

Client support.

1.    We will mediate for them in the event of a misunderstanding.

2.    Provide them with options when a service provider is needed. 

3.    Security of knowing there is support in the event of a problem arising.

4.    Link them into accredited providers closest to them.

5.    Recommend providers who have a high standard of excellence.

Our Fees?

1.    An annual fee of R289 For business membership, certification and use of the Unity image.

2.    Mediation service to be paid by losing party at R500/hour

3.    We do not charge commissions or advertising fees.

The Unity Group is redefining how business will be done in this country and we only want the very best in every industry on board with us. Join us now if this is you and let’s make business in South Africa something to be proud of and something the rest of the world will want to emulate. Once you membership has been approved, we will email you your certificate that you will need to print, frame and hang in your place of business. We will also email you pdf versions of the accreditation logo and The Unity Group logo to be used on all stationery, advertising etc

To Apply for accreditation, please email us at info@theunitygroup.co.za with the following info:

Business or personal name

Full name and surname

Date of Birth


Cell Number

Email address

Type of industry

Name of Manager that referred you.