A system of governance based on economics instead of politics. We believe a country should be run profitably with all the people sharing in both the profits as well as all decisions that ned to be made.

Leadership should be on an appointed basis with the ability to terminate or reward any position based on performance. A recruitment process shortlists the best possible candidates to ten who are then put to the country to vote for one.

We invite all South Africans to join us and take hold of this vision of making our country greater than it ever was before. We can live and work together without division.

If we all agree to do one thing together, let it be this. Let’s forget the differences and think about a country totally free of politicians, parliament and political control. 

This is for the freedom of all future generations. We don’t need to be dictated to by politicians who waste and steal our money, and demand we obey senseless laws. We can make our own decisions and run our own country, and under this structure we will be totally free and able to do so.

We are building this incredible country together.

Making South Africa great together.